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Community Advisory Council

Supporting the work to make a stronger Columbus

The CAC, with representations from Community-Based Organizations, Community-Based Ethnic Organizations, population-based coalitions and commissions, and mainstream stakeholders will be charged with providing guidance, feedback and expertise throughout the project.


CAC representatives have established relationships with different immigrant and refugee groups, and the broader stakeholder groups, and will ensure community engagement to support the research efforts to identify opportunities to deepen the sense of inclusion and belonging within these diverse communities that now call Columbus home. 


Community Advisory Council Members

Sudarshan Pyakurel


Bhutanese Community of Central Ohio


Ibrahima Sow

Program Director

United Way of Central Ohio


Jona Hilario

State Wide Co-Director


Taqdirulla Aziz

Community Refugee & Immigration Services

Alejandra Rodriguez
New American Welcome Center at the YMCA of Central Ohio


Dr. Seleshi Ayalew Asfaw

President and CEO

Ethiopian Tewahedo Social Services

Seyla Kramer

Interim Executive Director

Asian American Community Services


Alpha Tongor

Liberians in Columbus

Sarah Brown

Program Officer

Ohio Hispanic Coalition

Jibril Mohamed​

Executive Director


Dr. Dorothy Hassan

Chief Executive Officer

Our Helpers

Cora Munoz


Ohio Asian American Health Coalition

Robert Chiuri PhD

 Global Diaspora Development Foundation - One Voice Consortium

Bartholomew Shepkong, Ph. D. M.A

Executive Director, Josthrive Consulting

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